We are American millennials.

We’re part of a unique point in history because our financial well-being is worse off than previous generations. And even though life can be tough, we have an undying optimism and drive to make things better – for everyone.

We believe in saving and sticking to a budget. In fact, 75% of us stick to our budget (according to Bank of America’s Better Money Habits Millennial Report).

As millennials, we value experience over material possessions. According to a recent survey, 78% of us would rather spend money on an experience rather than a thing.

We don’t carry a lot of credit card debt, but we are getting crushed by student loans. 45% of us have an average of $29,800 in student loan debt. That can be hard to pay off when we make roughly $35,592 a year.

Many of us have a different definition of being rich. 60% of us define being as rich as being debt-free.

This could explain why we’re waiting longer to have families.

Our Mission Statement.

Our fundamental purpose is to provide you – our reader – with accurate information.

We believe that knowledge is power. And armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to masterfully navigate your way to financial well-being (whatever you define that as).

What we write about.

Our content is focused on a few core categories, such as, budgeting, saving, debt management, investing, and earning.


Sticking to a budget is crucial to meeting financial goals. Luckily, 75% of millennials stick to their budget.

A lot of our articles focus on budgeting techniques. This includes apps that can help you auto budget or find ways to budget more.

If you’re having trouble sticking to a budget or don’t know where to start, don’t fret. We review simple ways to get started with budgeting.

If you have great budgeting tips or tricks you’d like to share, please let us know!


It can be hard to save if there isn’t much to save.

That’s why we review apps and new types of bank accounts that can help you automatically save money.

For some, this can be just a few cents at a time (it adds up). For others, it can be building that savings account into 5-figures.


It’s no secret. Most of us have debt. That’s why 70% of our readers define “rich” as being debt-free.

That’s why we review techniques for paying off student loan debt, credit card debt, and other bills.


The average millennial is better than most about saving. In fact, most of us are actively saving for retirement.

While our publication isn’t investment heavy, we do focus on things we call “Micro” investing. These are investments that typically require $500 or less to get started.


As millennials, 50% of us have a side hustle.

The most popular side jobs are home repair/landscaping, online sales, crafts, and childcare.

Side hustlers report earning an average of $686 per month, while the median earnings come in at $200 per month.

We review multiple ways to earn extra money.

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