7 Simple But Effective Budgeting Tips We Never Knew Existed

When it comes to budgeting, most of us are pretty good at being thrifty.  Even when it means saying no to those new shoes or skipping that weekend getaway with friends.

But there are times when a budget can feel too restrictive or hard to maintain.  In those times, a few extra dollars in your pocket can go a long way. 

Fortunately, there are a few little-known budgeting tips that can help you end the month on a surplus.  Here are seven budgeting tips – you can do right now – to stretch your funds further:

#1. Trade Old Receipts For Cash

For most of us, grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence. And at the end of each trip awaits a receipt a mile long.

But before you crumple up that receipt and throw it in the trash, scan it with the Fetch app. Here’s why:

Fetch partners with thousands of brands that reward you points for in-store purchases. Each receipt you scan is automatically checked and points are awarded via the Fetch app.

Fetch is a great way to turn grocery shopping into extra cash or gift cards. It’s available for download in the app store for both iPhone and Android.

Try Fetch Rewards Now

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