7 Legit Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

We’ve all been there – a few days out from payday, with a big unexpected bill, dying to go on a trip – needing to come up with some extra cash. And quickly.

Most of us don’t have time to go out there and get a time-consuming side hustle between work and family and everything else.

That’s why we searched far and wide for the best ways to come up with some extra cash right from your couch. None of them pay a fortune on their own, but do a few together and you’ll come up with the money that you need. When you’re in a pinch, that’s all matters.

1. Opinion Outpost – Do This Every Day From Your Couch To Make Easy Cash

We are all constantly sharing our opinions on things, and while you’re probably doing it for free, there are other people who are turning their opinion into a steady stream of cash. How exactly? With Opinion Outpost.

It’s an app used by millions to get paid for sharing their thoughts on a variety of brands and their products and services. The number one way people use Opinion Outpost is by taking surveys.

Find some random spare moments in your day and use it to take just one survey:

  • Take one survey while you’re watching TV
  • Take one survey during your bus or train commute to and from work
  • Take one survey while you’re eating lunch
  • Take one survey while you’re waiting for dinner to cook
  • Take one survey while you’re relaxing before going to bed

Making it a priority to take surveys just a few times a day could earn you a solid chunk of extra cash. That’s going to start to add up over time.

Join Opinion Outpost today to start getting paid for voicing your opinions and get a $10 welcome bonus when you do.

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Today.

2. S’more – There’s A Way I Make Money Just For Unlocking My Phone (Android Only)

Think about the amount of time that you spend looking at your phone every day. Now, imagine if you were getting paid for all of that time. I do.

With S’more (download for Android) I earn cash every time I unlock my Android phone (sorry iPhone people).

Right about now you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking this is a scam. It’s not. S’more is helping brands reach people with their content/products and that’s what they are paying you to look at. You don’t need to click anything to get paid, either.

In return for doing almost nothing, I earn gift cards to places including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Target, Starbucks and more.

I just use my phone like normal to accrue points which can be cashed out when I earned as little as $1. If you use an Android phone, what’s not to love?

3. Drop – I Make Sure To Earn Cash Back On Everything I Buy (And I Mean Everything)

Once I started earning cash back on a few things, I made it my mission to earn cash back on literally everything I buy. I found Drop which allows me to earn points to put towards gift cards for practically everything I buy on a debit or credit card.

Every store you can imagine is eligible for points — I’m talking Sephora, Aerie, Zara, Whole Foods — all of the stores I shop at the most.

I earn points automatically because I’ve linked my debit card, so I don’t even need to think about it.

I trade in my points for free gift cards to places like Starbucks or Amazon, which is basically cash in my mind. This has meant more money is freed up in my monthly budget.

Download Drop and link a card to Earn 1,000 points immediately.

4. PinchME – Request A Box of Free Products From Your Phone

How does a box of free products sound… Good, right!

With a company called PinchME, you can get a free sample box tailored just for you.

Not only can you get a box of free samples each month, but you can qualify for giveaways and other free product opportunities.

The best part?

PinchME will send the box of samples directly to your door. You don’t even have to pay for shipping, in fact, no credit card is required at all.

Click Here to start your PinchME sample box.

5. Earnin – Use Your Phone To Get Paid At The End of Each Work Shift

It’s been estimated that 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

While a lot of people have relied on payday loans in the past to help them close the gaps — and gotten taken advantage of in the process — there’s a new startup called Earnin that wants to address this problem in a different way. And, you know, actually help people in the process.

Is Earnin Legit?

Yes! Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up for Earnin.
  2. Connect a checking account and provide your employment details.
  3. Submit your timesheets via the app.
  4. Cash-out up to $100 a day.
  5. When you have a paycheck direct deposited, Earnin will deduct the amount you’ve cashed out.
  6. Pay Earnin what you want for the service–there is no set fee. Even $0 works.

Besides just making sure you have the ability to have $100 whenever you need it, Earnin is tackling overdraft fee issues.  For instance, you can set up automatic cash out with Earnin if your bank balance falls below $150, so you can make sure to avoid an overdraft fee.

Click Here to Download Earnin’

6. Swagbucks – Give Your Piggy Bank A Boost Before You Go Shopping

Paid surveys are always a convenient and quick way to earn money, and it’s a great hack for coming up with extra cash when you want to buy something that you can’t afford.

Swagbucks happens to be one of the best survey apps out there, especially for busy people with little time to spare on a side hustle.

The app has hundreds of high-paying surveys. Earn SB (the app’s “currency”), taking surveys and fun daily polls any time, anywhere–from your lunch break to your daily commute.

Redeem your SB for cold hard cash or gift cards to stores like:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Ebay
  • Lowe’s
  • Macy’s

You should definitely take advantage of this app!

Click Here to Sign Up for Swagbucks.

7. Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) Get Cash Back For Online Purchases

I hate to admit it, but I stayed away from Rakuten for years because I thought the app would only encourage me to spend more money. After testing the app for myself, I realized just how much money I have saved on purchases that I was already going to make.

If you enjoy online shopping, then you’ll love the cost savings when you install the Rakuten plugin. You’ll need the Google Chrome browser to install the extension. Once installed, create an account and go about your normal shopping. If Rakuten has cashback offers for a particular website, a banner notification will pop up in your screen so you can apply the cashback offer.

Rakuten sends me cashback each quarter. It’s like a nice little bonus every three months. In the past year, I have earned $194.58 in cashback by using the Rakuten plugin. The nearly $200 in cost savings can now be applied towards other financial goals, like that plane ticket to Cancun that I have been eye-balling for awhile.