7 High Paying Survey Sites You Can Use To Make $250 (Or More) A Week

If you’re like us, you could probably use a little extra cash each month.

Because after paying all of your bills, it can feel like your bank account is toast. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now that Christmas is over, major brands are looking for consumer feedback. And they’re willing to pay you for it – handsomely. That’s why they’ve partnered with select survey sites.

After tons of research, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best paying survey sites. We recommend using multiple companies at one time. This will help you get steady access to a variety of high paying surveys.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Opinion Outpost – Our #1 Pick As The Best Paying Survey Site

We are all constantly sharing our opinions on things, and while you’re probably doing it for free, there are other people who are turning their opinion into a steady stream of cash. How exactly? With Opinion Outpost.

It’s an app used by millions to get paid for sharing their thoughts on a variety of brands and their products and services. The number one way people use Opinion Outpost is by taking surveys.

Find some random spare moments in your day and use it to take just one survey:

  • Take one survey while you’re watching TV
  • Take one survey during your bus or train commute to and from work
  • Take one survey while you’re eating lunch
  • Take one survey while you’re waiting for dinner to cook
  • Take one survey while you’re relaxing before going to bed

Making it a priority to take surveys just a few times a day could earn you a solid chunk of extra cash. That’s going to start to add up over time.

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Today.

2. Swagbucks – Popular with our readers.

Similar to Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks is an online survey platform that helps you earn points so you can redeem them for gift cards or cashback via PayPal. Both our daily readers and editorial staff have praised Swagbucks.

To earn even more, install their extension on your browser and Swagbucks will send you a pop-up notification any time there is an existing coupon that can be applied to your purchase. Plus, you can earn Swagbucks points which will be added to your points total.

You can access thousands of high paying survey’s through Swagbucks.

What you need:

  • Laptop or desktop
  • Valid PayPal account or email address to accept gift cards

Join Swagbucks today to start getting paid for voicing your opinions and get a $10 welcome bonus when you do.

Click Here to Join Swagbucks

3. Reward Survey – Make a Quick $30 With This Survey Site

If you want to make a quick $30 in reward points to spend immediately, then give Reward Survey a try.

4. Survey Junky – Winner for Ease of Use

If you need something very simple to use, then we recommend trying Survey Junky.

While it doesn’t pay the best and may not have as many surveys as the others, it can be a great option to keep in reserve. The best approach to making money with surveys is to use multiple sites in tandem.

We recommend signing up and checking it daily for exclusive survey opportunities.

Click here to join Survey Junkey.

5. Inbox Dollars – The Biggest Survey Site

We’ve had mixed reviews about Inbox Dollars. But we decided to include it on our list anyway.

We recommend exploring your options before settling on inbox dollars.

6. (Bonus) Cash Direct Club – Get Massive Cashback When Grocery Shopping

While not a survey site we decided to include this anyway, because, why pay full price for groceries online when you could save money by getting a percentage of your purchase price back.

Shop online with Cash Direct Club and you’ll earn cash — not points — for all your purchases. You read that right, get cash back on groceries and almost anything else purchased online!

Earn up to 15 % cash back for every purchase you make shopping at your favorite stores through Cash Direct Club. The app partners with hundreds of retailers including Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sephora and Neiman Marcus. Get your money fast via Paypal or check by mail if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Sign up today and you’ll get a $15 welcome bonus after you make a purchase of $20 or more.

Want to hear about even more ways to earn with Cash Direct Club?

  • Earn $3 cash when you download the app
  • Earn $3 cash when you download the browser extension on desktop
  • Up to $10 per referral of family/friends
  • Earn $5, $10, and $20 cash bonuses the more you shop with Cash Direct Club.

What are you waiting for? Download Cash Direct Club to start earning for all your online shopping

Click Here to Sign Up For Cash Direct Club

7. (Bonus #2) – S’more: Get Paid For Having Ads On Your Lock Screen

Think about the amount of time that you spend looking at your phone every day. Now, imagine if you were getting paid for all of that time.

With S’more (download for Android) you will be earning cash every time you unlock your Android phone (sorry iPhone people).

Right about now you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking this is a scam. It’s not. S’more is helping brands reach people with their content/products and that’s what they are paying you to look at. You don’t need to click anything to get paid, either.

In return for doing almost nothing, you can earn gift cards to places including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Target, Starbucks and more.

Just use your phone like normal and you’ll accrue points which can be cashed out when you’ve earned as little as $1. If you use an Android phone, what’s not to love?