6 “Savvy Mom” Tips That Can Stretch Your Family’s Budget Further

When it comes to budgeting and saving, no one is more savvy than a mom. Somehow, we can always stretch a dollar way past its limits.

We asked some fellow frugal moms to share their best Money Saving tips, here’s the top 6…

Mom Tip #1: Coupons, Coupons, Coupons… Oh did I mention, COUPONS.

You don’t need to go be an “Extreme Couponer” with binders and a bunker of spaghetti sauce in your basement. But almost every major grocery store has mobile apps available to automatically load coupons to your rewards card.

Stores like Target, (EVERY MOM’S FAVORITE STORE) has coupons available through their app as well. You can load them on the go or check out the sales and coupons the night before you shop.

Since you already have your cupons stored on you phonr. Here’s another easy way to stretch that budget a bit further: download the free app, Fetch Rewards and get paid for taking pictures of your receipts.

Fetch partners with tons of brands to give you points for every grocery receipt (from any store!) you share. All you have to do is snap a photo of your receipt through the app, then Fetch does the rest for you. No scanning barcodes or searching for offers.

You can then exchange those points for Visa gift cards. Plus, when you download the app, use code APREWARDS to earn an extra 3,000 points after you scan your first receipt.

Mom Tip #2: Get Cash Back For Online Purchases

On the subject of Online shopping. Is the Amazon Prime delivery driver a weekly vistor? Hate going to brick and mortar stores. You can get cash back on online purchases with Rakuten.That’s pronounced Ra-Koo-Ten. 

I hate to admit it, but I stayed away from Rakuten for years because I thought the app would only encourage me to spend more money. After testing the app for myself, I realized just how much money I have saved on purchases that I was already going to make.

Rakuten sends me cash back each quarter. It’s like a nice little bonus every three months. In the past year, I have earned $194.58 in cashback by using the Rakuten. The nearly $200 in cost savings can now be applied towards other financial goals or stuffing your money jar!

Mom Tip #3: Use Your Smartphone To Play Games (Android Only)

Ever play games on your phone to decompress from the day? Ever feel guilty for yelling at your kids for playing on their phones too much but you are on your 1136th level of Candy Crush? Now you can get paid to play your favorite games, its not a time waste, it’s extra $$ in your Money Jar!

Getting paid to play mobile games sounds like a dream for most people – Mistplay (download for Android) makes that dream a reality.

Mistplay is an Android game platform app that lets you earn rewards for playing new games. Those points can be redeemed for awesome gift cards from Amazon, VISA, Google and more.

Just download the Android app choose a free game from your “mixlist” and start earning units. The more you play, the more you earn! It’s a simple idea that can result in a big payday for mobile game lovers.

Mom Tip #4: Try Starving and Stacking

What is the Starve & Stack method? No,it’s not a new version of Intermittent Fasting. It’s a budgeting technique designed for two income families. If both partners earn an income, then you pick one person and live off their income for 18 to 24 months.

The income is used exclusively for saving. Many couples have shared their stories online about how the starving and stacking method helped them save money.

So if you and your significant other both earn, then this could be a great budgeting tip. But just like real fasting, it isn’t for everyone, and requires some major commitment to not go out and buy that Grande Starbucks or Fast Food on the way home. But the results at the end of the day will be a fatter wallet.

Mom Tip #5: Earn Credit Card Style Rewards Using Your Debit Card

If you can’t let go of that morning “Grande Green Tea Iced Latte with Extra Whip” (that’s my personal vice) – there is a way to get rewards points (similar to a CC) – Drop.

Drop is a free app that lets you turn your everyday grocery spending into cash rewards. Just select three of your favorite grocery stores like Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and every time you swipe your card, you’ll earn Drop points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards and cash.

After you download the app, just link your cards to start earning points automatically. What’s not to love?

Mom Tip #6: Take Online Surveys In Your Spare Time

We are all constantly sharing our opinions on things, and while you’re probably doing it for free, there are other people who are turning their opinion into a steady stream of cash. How exactly? With Opinion Outpost.

It’s an app used by millions to get paid for sharing their thoughts on a variety of brands and their products and services. The number one way people use Opinion Outpost is by taking surveys.

Find some random spare moments in your day and use it to take just one survey:

  • Take one survey while you’re watching TV
  • Take one survey during your bus or train commute to and from work
  • Take one survey while you’re eating lunch
  • Take one survey while you’re waiting for dinner to cook
  • Take one survey while you’re relaxing before going to bed

Making it a priority to take surveys just a few times a day can help stretch that budget just a little further.